Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Hey :) We are currently looking for both Graphic Designers & Illustrators to get involved and help us create a new logo and poster for next semesters 'Visualyze'! Please get in touch if you have any ideas and would like to be part of our designers team at : doj.events@hotmail.com
Cheers :) xx

Welcome to our Blog! :)

Visualyze is an art collective for all students at DoJ!
We currently hold an event every semester at the Student Union, allowing students from all departments to showcase their work as part of an open and diverse collective group. Each year our aim is to transform Floor 5 into a dynamic and visual art space where students can experience and share their artwork!
Visulayze blurs the boundaries between exhibition and club night by using the space to showcase art works in an underground club environment, as well as having a film tent, LIVE ART BOARDS and our very own DJ's & VJ's all from DoJ!

This blog has been created for this collective to share their ideas and to make Visualyze expand into a bigger and better event! :)
We look forward to hearing from you!
Sylvia & Chris xx