Friday, 14 January 2011

VISUALYZE Meeting for Next Event!


Come along and get involved! Open to all disciplines!

VISUALYZE 3_edited-1

Can’t believe how fast it’s come around!!!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Retchy v Smash @ VISUALYZE

RetchyvSmash@Visualyze2 from RetchyvSmash on Vimeo.

VISUALYZE 10/11/10

This VISUALYZE was definitely another success ! We had a lot more people through the doors than last time and a much larger interest in people wanting to exhibit / showcase their talent through us !

This semester we had 3 floors of work, with Floor 5 being the main club night space. The other spaces we used as exhibition space were The Carnegie Suite and Liars and Cheats (a long space located just off the Liar Bar.) We were able to successfully transform all of these spaces into suitable locations for exhibiting work – from canvas paintings to film to sculpture to music ! We catered for a large variety of disciplines making it possible for pretty much anyone to showcase their talent at VISUALYZE !

Through a crazy amount of organisation Myself and Sylvia were able to pull off another great night which involved over 35 artists, 2 VJ acts and 9 musical acts ! Through setting up the lighting to making sure the set up for the musicians was right to going through the poster designs with our graphic designer to promoting the event itself along with thousands of other little things we were able to provide a platform for artists and musicians to showcase the great talent students and artists at both DoJ and within Dundee have !

2nd Year Fine Artist Bryndis Blackadder with Model Darren Kerrigan

3rd Year Art, Philosophy and Contemporary Practiser Katy Meehan’s Performance Piece

Time Based Artist Edward Shallow performing his set up in Floor 5 with Visuals from Retchy v Smash

Time Based Artist Eildh Morris’ film shown within the film tent in Floor 5

One of the Live Art Boards half way through the night !

3rd Year Illustrator Sally Hackett’s flag piece up in Floor 5

Master of Design Student Maria Maclennan’s Altered Book displayed in The Carnegie Suite

Maria's Website

3rd Year Art, Philosophy and Contemporary Practiser Emma McKendrick’s Photography Piece

Sarah Coloso performing her Acoustic set up in Floor 5

3rd Year Graphic Designer Kirsty Turpie’s Flag piece up in Floor 5

3rd Year Fine Artist / Musician Rachel Badger performing her Acoustic Set up in Floor 5

Retchy v Smash providing us with some great Visuals to accompany the music

IMD Students “Slash / Dash” performing their set up in Floor 5

Some grooving going on down earlier on in the night !

Some good old socialising !

People working on the Live Art Boards

Jam Factory (Tom Raitt – 3rd Year Fine Art, Colin Morton – 3rd Year Fine Art, Gordon Miller – 2nd Year TBA) performing their set up in Floor 5

Surgyn’s set up in Floor 5

A great end to a great night !

The week after VISUALYZE I visited home in Liverpool. Whilst I was back I spoke to a variety of DJ’S and club venues who were really interested in me bringing VISUALYZE down to Liverpool ! I plan to take this idea forward after I graduate and take VISUALYZE to a variety of cities outside Dundee. It’s a unique night which people I’m sure would love to experience and taking it to other places would mean an even bigger variety of work as well as promoting Dundee and DoJ as the birth of this exciting and different club night which can only going to get bigger and better !

Photo’s taken by Bryndis Blackadder, Sylvia Law and Myself ! Many thanks for letting me use them !

Chris =)

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Myself & Chris have been approached again by the Union to hold another Visualyze after the last events success! We hope to hold one each semester, allowing new students to get involved and to spread this art collective even further! The next event will be on:
Wednesday 10th of November
-Our plan is to find musicians/performers/DJ's & VJ's over the summer who would like to perform on the night :)
-Then with our team of graphic designers & illustrators we hope to create a new logo, the posters & flyers so that everything is ready and printed for freshers week!
-All artists can get in touch after the new semester starts, as we will focus on the exhibition side of things then, leading up to the event!
-We will try and exhibit as many artists as the space can physically hold, having both a cinema space for short films, animations and music videos, and also all the wall space for paintings, illustratrations, photography, scluptures, installations, projections, textile pieces, and anything that you want to exhibit! :)
If you would like to get involved then please email us at: forward to hearing from you! :)

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Hey :) We are currently looking for both Graphic Designers & Illustrators to get involved and help us create a new logo and poster for next semesters 'Visualyze'! Please get in touch if you have any ideas and would like to be part of our designers team at :
Cheers :) xx

Welcome to our Blog! :)

Visualyze is an art collective for all students at DoJ!
We currently hold an event every semester at the Student Union, allowing students from all departments to showcase their work as part of an open and diverse collective group. Each year our aim is to transform Floor 5 into a dynamic and visual art space where students can experience and share their artwork!
Visulayze blurs the boundaries between exhibition and club night by using the space to showcase art works in an underground club environment, as well as having a film tent, LIVE ART BOARDS and our very own DJ's & VJ's all from DoJ!

This blog has been created for this collective to share their ideas and to make Visualyze expand into a bigger and better event! :)
We look forward to hearing from you!
Sylvia & Chris xx